Our Neckerchiefs

Our pieces are designed and handmade in our craft studio for lots of doggy adventures and canine antics.

We use only quality 100% cotton fabric and our pieces are fully  washable.

Standard & mini size are available. Mini size is for miniature and smaller dogs (such as terriers, chihuahuas, jack russells etc) and the standard size is for our bigger four legged friends. These are suitable for most dog sizes due to our clever ‘collar loop’.

This ‘collar loop’ is sewn in at the top so your neckerchief  can be worn on the dog collar if prefared. It also makes it safer for your pooch as well as stylish.

You can browse and order your doggy neckerchief from our online shop here and soon from stockists in both Ireland and the UK. Follow us on facebook, instagram and twitter to keep up to date with our antics.